It is about what we use, where it origin, how It made, how people use it, and what happened when throw it out. We believe that every employee, partner, customer has potential to be an agent of positive change.

Sustainable fashion supply chain structurally must include eco-friendly material sourcing, safe factory work conditions, humane factory practices, sustainable manufacturing practices and distribution, green retail practices, and ethical consumer decision making.

What we do

For sustainable manufacturing practices, we research constantly methods to reduce water, power and electricity consumed; decrease waste, minimize emission of heat, smoke, dust.

How we do

 We use apparel ERP system to track and analyze every step of our process, helping to determine where we can make the most effective changes.
By simply altering updating factory technologies in production, increase awareness of sustainable production on employee, greenhouse gas production, electricity use; material, water consumed could be decreased.
An increased emphasis on worker social and economic wellbeing has started an upward trend in humane factory practices. By increasing worker intellectuals, satisfaction in production facilities, sustainably sourcing textiles, advancing factory technologies, eliminate once tool we can contribute to change fast fashion industry be better for future generation.

What we orientate

 We want to be the world’s best sustainable and independent manufacturer. Our mission statement documents both our aspiration and philosophy. Sustainability is a core topic for us and determines our actions. We work profit-oriented with respect to our social and environmental responsibility. To us, this means on the one hand responding to our customers’ future needs and contributing to their success with the services we offer. We help our clients make their products and processes more efficient and more sustainable. You could also say: Fit for the future. On the other hand, we face the responsibility we have as a company for people, society, and the environment. We are committed to making a contribution to a future that meets both human and environmental needs on a sustainable basis.